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Pay your Town of Star City utility bill online with a credit card. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Enter the amount you wish to pay in the box below (including a decimal point), then click the blue "Submit Payment" box.

This link leads to a form on a secure site called PayTrace. Once on the PayTrace site, please enter your UTILITY ACCOUNT NUMBER in the box labeled "Reference/Invoice" (located in the Payment Amount section) to ensure proper credit. This step is especially important if you are paying a utility bill not listed in your name!

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    Star City Residents: Please be aware that if you list a room, apartment, house, etc. that is within the corporate limits of Star City for rent on websites like airbnb, you are required to register with the Town as a business. Please contact the business office at (304) 599-3550 to make sure you are in compliance.

    Utility Customers: if you experience a SEWER BACKUP, please contact our Public Works Department (304-599-2818) immediately so they may do an evaluation of the situation. If it occurs after hours, please contact the MECCA non-emergency number (304-599-6382) and ask to speak to the police officer on duty, who will contact Public Works for you.

    Garbage Collection: limit of 4 thirty gallon bags per week, less than thirty pounds per bag, secured in a can with a lid. Please have garbage out for collection as early in the morning as possible.

    Grass clippings are not permitted in the street or in storm drains!

    When paying utility bills by credit card online, please be sure to include your account number in the notes section. This will ensure that your payment is applied to the correct account.

    Using a cell phone not equipped as hands-free while driving is a primary offense and you WILL be stopped and cited for it. This includes holding the phone for any reason, including while using speaker phone, or texting. Arrive alive, don't text and drive!

    A Glimpse of The Past

    Honor Roll
    The above photo is of the dedication of the original World War II Honor Roll (corner of University Avenue and Congress Avenue)
    The Honor Roll was re-done as a brass plaque and placed on the Star City Fire Department building. When the Fire Department moved, the plaque was moved to City Hall. Following the installation of the Veteran's Memorial along the rail trail, the plaque was restored and moved to that location, where it remains today.
    This photo was shared by Donna Goodwin. If you have a photo you'd like us to feature, please email!


    The Town of Star City was incorporated on May 6,1907. At that time, glass factories flourished along the Monongahela River and the B & O Railroad line. The workers in these factories were the main residents of the town... Read more