Star City was founded in 1907 and named by Louis Kauffeld, general manager of the Star Glass Company. Kauffeld's factory was the first lamp chimney producer in West Virginia and made 72 different kinds of lamp chimneys.

In 1911 Company B of the Seneca Glass Company of Morgantown opened and produced hand blown soda-lime glass tumblers until 1931. Star City began to see an expansion in the early 1900s and was a community comprised of many ethnicities. Polish and Slovak people migrated to Star City because they were skilled glass workers. Walter Kizinski had a glass factory (Paramount Glass) along the riverfront which became known as the "Polish Factory" because Kizinski hired many Polish employees. This factory specialized in hand blown tableware. Glass production was the primary industry; records indicate there were as many as 13 glass factories operating at the same time.

During the 1920s, coal mining became a secondary industry for Star City. Scott's Run Coal Mine provided employment for many residents in the community. A ferry was used to cross the Monongahela River to get to and from work at the mines until 1951 when the first Star City Bridge was constructed. Star City was home to the largest hotel in the area when the Holiday Inn opened in 1965, and by 1973 Interstate 79 had reached Star City. Today the history of Star City is still preserved.

Sadly, the glass and coal industries have both left the area for the most part. Davis-Lynch Glass is the only active factory left in Star City. Davis-Lynch specialize in hand-decorated and hand-painted lamps and parts. Star City is working to deepen its history while enhancing the future. A revitalization of the Riverfront with an emphasis in the rich history of Star City is the perfect combination.

Memory Lane

The Town of Star City is proud of its history and origins. We would love to hear from you if you have special memories of the town, the glass industry, or growing up in Star City. We welcome the sharing of photos and old documents--we have the capability to scan anything you might wish to share without it ever having to leave your possession. Just visit us in the business office at City Hall and ask for Kim.

A Selection of Documents of Historical Interest

A Local History-transcription of a history prepared by the teachers at the Star City School in 1922. It's an interesting mix of local history going back to the 1700s along with the students of the school at the time, plus little tidbits about the residents of the town in 1922. 18 pages long, about half is student/teacher names. Click Here for PDF.

Local History by Susan Frost-transcription of a school report done for the Morgantown High Social Studies Fair in 1986. It has a fascinating interview with some residents of the time. Click Here for the PDF.

Past Mayors: Mayors

Past Police Chiefs: Chiefs

Honor Roll of World War II Veterans Honor Roll

Report of the fire at Star Glass, 1917 Fire Devastates Plant

When The Socialists Ran Star City-Because the roots of Star City were firmly aligned with the factory workers, for a time Socialism was the prevailing political party. The workers in the factory belonged to the American Flint Glass Workers Union which was heavily pro-socialist until after World War I- Socialists in Star City